Thursday, September 24, 2009

Picnic Backpack New Era

Today, picnic is commonly activities for busy people. So, everyone now need a picnic. in last time we always use travel bag when we will go to vacation. But in now, we use picnic backpack to bring our needed in vacation.

we are think more simply when we will go to travel, we can get any goods in directions place. So, we have abandon big travel bag. and use the picnic backpack.

the things that always bring in picnic small bag like plastic glasses, blanket, napkins and other simple important picnic items. so now people are choice the picnic back pack when going to vacations.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Is Picnic Sets Worth ?

Go to some place in the weekend can make the aura positive on monday, when you go to work first day week. But it can be a great doble positive aura if you making a plan before.

One of plan content is prepare the picnic sets for the holiday. You must be done this step, because the vacation is very interesting when saturday comes. Prepare all picnic set before friday, so that you will be able good mood on saturday.

When is the day better for going picnic? Saturday is great day, if you did not have any jobs at day. Because going vacation also make your body tired. So, you will be recharge on sunday and start the monday more fresh

Monday, September 21, 2009

Just Family Picnic or More ?

Go to any place every week together with family is a good way to be harmony family. So, make the vacation is not just picnic ordinary, be a great picnic every week with your family.

So that, it must be planning before. You must be collect your family to talk together about the vacation. Don't thinking that you can do it alone. Because everyone in the family has their own suggest.

Broken picnic usually occured if they did not have any planning before. So make the planning before saturday come is important thing to get positive energy on next monday.

So, be planning father !

Sunday, September 20, 2009

No Picnic Recipes No Picnic

One of the important things in the weekend vacations is food. When we arrive at the destiny place, I very interest to talking with son and my wife while eating some foods. So, i think no picnic recipes no vacation.

We must prepare the picnic recipes before going to vacation place. If you want to make the picnic food, try to do something simply. Don't make the difficult recipes, because you not go to cooking festival. You only want to having fun with your family.

The food are like sandwich, salad, pie and etc. Simple foods but can make the happy ambiance
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